The Brotherhood of Submariner Homages [BSH]

Welcome home, gentlemen!

You have found your way to the Brotherhood of Submariner Homages (BSH) Forum, where you come for the iconic Submariner (and, of course, all the other watches), but stay for the brotherhood.

This forum found its beginnings back on July 28, 2009, with a simple query from our Founder, looking for an affordable Submariner homage. Over 140,000 posts later, and that doesn’t even include all the shenanigans, antics, and general rule breaking that has been deleted in our 11 ½ year run, we’ve leapt from debating our favorite Subs, to commissioning custom microbrand runs, to group buys of custom dials and watches, hats, belt buckles, patches, and who knows what’s next. There was a time when a paper printed dial dropped into a GMT was a jaw dropper! I can’t wait to see what’s out there on the horizon now! Our unofficial motto: If you can’t buy it, build it! And we certainly will!

But the watches are the least of it. Though the belts are performing a critical task (you’re welcome, those of you in the front!), much more importantly than gratuitous watch noodling, our collective history has spawned international friendships wherever the English language is spoken, written, and sometimes despised. Our success comes from our one unifying rule, which you’ll doubtless learn from the first response to your first post. It truly is our Golden Rule. It’s about integrity and toleration; kindness and generosity. It’s about truth and honesty; honor and commitment.

We thank you for being here. Yes, you personally. You can go anywhere to find great Sub homages, mod ideas, and movement advice. And that may be why you came poking around. The first time. But we hope you’ll stay for other reasons. We hope you’ll stay for the brotherhood.

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